Resumes are the first (and often last) chance you have to make an impression. Recruiters and hiring managers take an average of 6 seconds with each resume they view so you better make it count.

Before you start your resume you should read below articles. 

Here is a sample format that would assist you to create a 1-page resume.


Location (City,State only), phone, LinkedIn, personal website

Intro 2-3 statements.

Company Name (duration, companies worked max up to 5 years)

  • Write a one sentence no-thrills description of three to five examples that prove you were exceptional at either identifying a win, rallying the team or iterating/ optimizing to get the product right.
  • Articulate what a winning product looks like, Rally the team to build it, Iterate on it until they get it right.
  • Primary focus on that brings out your success in intellectual ability, communication, leadership, and collaboration.
  • Secondary focus on knowing customer, strategic /analytical thinking, technical, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Last on product design and quantitative analysis.


Special Awards/achievements that would elevate PM skills.